Loans for Legal Entities and Entrepreneurs

Starting a business, expanding a business, conquering new markets, implementing new projects – they all usually require additional or borrowed funds, apart from one’s own.
Institutions that have funds and are ready to support a certain project are banks or funds.


Every application for certain funds implies presenting the business to financial institutions in the right way.


Whether it is the development of a business plan, preparation of documentation, communication with banks or funds, it is necessary to present the project in the right way so that the lender is assured of the project’s success.

Having worked in the banking sector for many years, we have gained experience that allows us to present you and your business to banks and funds in the right way.


We provide assistance in applying for short-term and long-term loans, project financing, loan refinancing, various types of leasing, start-up loans, investment loans, working capital loans, overdrafts, bank guarantees.


Starting from making a business plan, interpreting balance sheet, negotiating with banks, we simply shorten or save the time needed to obtain funds and strive to ensure you the most favorable lending conditions.

In case you need funds to start or expand a business, you do not want to spend time negotiating with banks, you want to avoid frustration because of “another paper”, we are there for you.

Trust us and we will negotiate with financial institutions and strive to ensure you the necessary funds as soon as possible and under the most favorable conditions.