Let’s Increase Profits Together

Development of business plans, loans, budgeting, analytical reviews, cash flow analysis, controlling, financial reporting, risk assessment, financial indicator analysis, trainings, seminars …

In today’s age of intense and daily changes in the business environment, consulting is becoming inevitable.
An increasing number of business owners in various industries need advisory services or consulting.
Business consulting is the best and fastest solution that can solve the problem of a business system, that is, to influence the improvement of its performance.

Why is it so?

As business owners strive for the most successful operations and managerial work is their priority, they hire external associates closely specialized in certain fields for many segments of their business.

By hiring external associates or consultants as needed, they reduce business costs on the one hand, and receive the highest possible quality service on the other hand.

Profit Centar is a company established with the aim of providing services in the field of business consulting.


Business plan serves to show the potential of a business idea, that is, to provide a clear and realistic picture of what can be achieved by a specific business venture and in what way. Also, the business plan has…

Starting a business, expanding a business, conquering new markets, implementing new projects – they all usually require additional or borrowed funds, apart from one’s own. In case you need…


In a business system, financial  reporting  and  controlling  play an  important role.  You  need  the right  information  to  make  decisions…

The goal of consulting is to help companies achieve the desired results, that is, to enable the transition from the current to the better situation.

About us

Profit Centar is a team of responsible, dedicated, experienced professionals who, after decades of work in banking and corporate sectors, have decided to use their knowledge to contribute to better business of their clients.

Our offer includes a wide range of services in the field of business consulting, and we specialize in financial consulting. We are also ready to transfer our knowledge to your employees through seminars and trainings.

We understand the importance of wise strategic and financial planning during all business cycle phases and with our services we want to reduce or prevent faults that occur during the development and operation of companies.

Entrepreneurs and business owners, preoccupied with current affairs, often neglect the importance of regular financial reporting and thus make inadequate business decisions. By providing our services, we take responsibility and financial uncertainty from business owners, and in that way, we leave them room for dealing with their primary i.e. managerial work.

We want to contribute to your company’s financial performance improvement with our work, all with the aim of increasing profits.