Controlling and Reporting

In a business system, financial reporting and controlling play an important role. Unfortunately, whether it is financial reporting or controlling, they are rarely present and often completely neglected in domestic business systems.


As the term controlling first appeared in 1971 in German companies, it is often defined as the German approach to achieving goals. Controlling is the manager’s responsibility, and the controller is the process owner.

“The controller is committed to directing the company to the profit zone with the help of his navigation equipment (toolbox). The controller advises the user (owner, manager) for future development.” Elmar Mayer


Controlling is a process that takes place continuously in the following three steps:

  • defining goals,
  • developing plans, i.e. budgeting and
  • control over the achievement of defined goals.

The controller plays an important role here as he is the one who helps the manager or the business owner in defining goals, monitoring the budget, preparing the necessary reports and taking corrective measures (if necessary), i.e. the controller can be said to be a “business partner” to the manager.


Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees, we are ready to offer you a complete service in the field of financial reporting and controlling.

We are here to do the budgeting and planned-realized analysis, analyze your balance sheets, do cash-flow analysis, analyze your financial indicators and influence their improvement; simply, we are here for all types of financial reporting.
We are ready to monitor your financial indicators and propose measures to improve them on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

We create analytical reviews and risk assessments for each element of your business. Depending on your needs, we can offer the provision of services continuously on a monthly basis as outsourcing or ad hoc services.

As we do detailed analyzes for you, you stay focused on growing and managing your company.

Simply, in the domain of financial reporting, we are ready to be a personal analyst of your business, and in the domain of controlling, your reliable business partner.